Tuesday, June 23, 2009

News Updates. 6/24

Philadelphia abuse suit targets Catholic order
Nephew to Cardinal O'Connor says he was molested

Catholic nurse resigns over hospital crucifix ban
Woman disciplined for refusing to remove gold necklace
[A burqa, however, would have been fine for the mental midgets who suffer from the "Napoleon complex." The time for rebellion draws closer with each passing day!]

Canon lawyer comments on SSPX ordinations
Priests 'have taken the priesthood of Christ illegally'
[From our good friend Dr Edward Peters!]

Vatican sends investigator for Kapaun sainthood
20-year-old 'miraculously' survived severe head injury

Catholic Charities to pay $30,000 in bias case
71-year-old man was fired in age-discrimination claim

Replica of letter on Henry VIII divorce unveiled
1530 parchment sent by England's House of Lords

Life support removed in Korea's first mercy killing
Woman had been comatose since for fifteen months

Many Guatemala Catholics turning to Evangelical sects
Groups winning converts with offers of money, other goods
[One of the "fruits" of the "exemplary" job of teachiing the faith (sarcasm) - had those responsible for this scandal spent more time imparting the faith rather than some "feel good" handholding, tie-dyed, flowery hippie garbage, we might actuaully have authentic Catholics among our brothers & sisters, Instead, like here at home, we have apostates and heretics!!! ]

Chile bars distribution of morning-after pill
Bishop emphasizes Church's stance on abortifacients
[A country with courage? What rational person would condemn to death an innocent defenseless unbaorn baby? No "rational person could! That leaves us with the rest who have no qualms with the wanton murder of the innocent!]

Other Issues

Secret shots given to US Soldiers

Ron Paul: Obama’s ‘goal’ is economic collapse
Listen to the audio here: http://rawstory.com/08/news/2009/06/23/r....

War is peace
Freedom is slavery
Ignorance is strength


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