Thursday, June 25, 2009

News Updates, 6/25

The Good News about Our Bishops
For those who may be lamenting the seeming resurgence of the Catholic Left in the Age of Obama, I would like to point out some good news: This year's spate of bishops' assignments have been quite heartening. Since the beginning of 2009, there have been ten appointments announced by the Vatican. All of them should be encouraging to those who grumble about the "bishops this" and the "bishops that."...

Pope Benedict wishes to engage the new chief U.S. Community Organizer
Vatican says Holy Father 'available' for Obama visit on July 10

Report: Obama to meet with Pope next month
Set to talk about shared belief in dignity of all people

Group to publish American clerical abuse report taking cues from Irish report

Probe clears Canadian agency of funding abortion
Bishops set to release findings of investigation

Nun raped by Hindu extremists recognizes assailant
Catholic among first victims of anti-Christian pogrom

Vandals destroy statues at Florida parish
Damages estimated in excess of $50,000

Remains of John Paul II may be taken to Poland
Papal relics would visit every big city in Poland

Therese relic nicked from Toronto church
Thief may have pretended to be praying at shrine

Church creates stir with gay exorcism video
Homosexual rights activists say 16-year-old 'abused'

Nixon supported abortion for mixed-race babies
Late president remained silent on 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling

Other Issues

China Should Buy Gold to Hedge Dollar Fall: Researcher
China should buy more gold because the U.S. dollar is poised for a fall and the metal is needed to support the greater international role envisaged for the yuan, a senior researcher with the ruling Communist Party said on Thursday.

AZ Passes Bill To Protect Health Care Rights
The Health Care Freedom Act will ensure Arizona residents may pay directly for any legal health services and choose not to participate in a government or privately run health care system.
[Send this to your state reps - if they want to play footsies with the Feds, then it's time to send time to remove them from office and send the weasels home !!!]

California set to issue IOUs as fiscal crisis continues

ABC ObamaCare Special Turns Into Presidential Filibuster
[Who would have thought that!?]

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