Wednesday, July 01, 2009

News Updates, 7/1

Cardinal Rigali: You Can't Claim to be "Reducing Abortions" but Publicly Funding them in D.C.
Cardinal Justin Rigali of Philadelphia, chair of the Committee on Pro-Life Activities for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, wrote to members of the House Appropriations Committee yesterday urging them not to fund abortions in the District of Columbia. Last week the House subcommittee that is considering the Financial Services appropriations bill for 2010 voted to permit direct public funding of abortion in the nation's capital...
[Rational thinking people understand this, but those whose minds are afflicted with liberalism, sin, murder, sexual deviance, etc., are incapable of understanding the most basic concepts of the natural moral law! They have even chosen to reject common sense!]

Pro-Abortion Hispanic Group Admits Sotomayor Set Policy
The president of a pro-abortion Hispanic group says Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor set policy but was not involved in pro-abortion legal briefs when she was on its board of directors. Sotomayor was on the board of the group now known as Latino Justice...

Renegade Catholic Priest Advises Others on How to Fight the Church
Knights of Columbus Targeted
[This so-called priest is as anti-Catholic as they come. He is a poisonous viper and is need of prayers and conversion]

Boston Archdiocese Cuts Benefits Of Sick, Retired Priests
The Boston Archdiocese has admitted that, within two years, it won’t have the money to pay for the care and housing of its elderly and sick priests, unless major changes are made to those benefits.

Cardinal: No room for pedophiles in Church
Vatican head claims it affects 'small percentage' of priests

At White House, Obama aims to reassure gays
President invites gay rights activists into East Room

Vatican unveils restored papal chapel
Pope's 'prayer space' was under scaffolding for 5 years

Irish religious orders feel betrayed by bishops
Congregations feel 'terrified,' 'ashamed,' and 'hurt'

New Irish report on clergy abuse scandal coming
Inquiry shows how 19 bishops handled allegations

Pope holds back key morality statement to hit G8
Summarizes 120 years' history of Church's social teaching

Chicago couple pleads guilty to scamming nuns
Bamboozled $1 million by posing as Kenyan refugees

Nearly one in five Italians trusts astrologers
consumer watchdog claims thousands scammed every day

Scottish cardinal: nuclear sub program 'immoral'
Says UK has its own weapons of mass destruction

France May Dissolve Church of Scientology
In a groundbreaking case, a Paris court will decide for the first time whether to dissolve the Church of Scientology in France, which is facing charges of organized fraud.

Other Issues

Feds could seize Calif. parks if closed by budget
SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- The California governor's office says federal officials are threatening to seize six state parks if they are closed to help balance the state's budget...

UN tells Honduras to reinstate Honduran communist president
Honduras' ousted president won overwhelming international support Tuesday as he planned a high-profile return to his chaotic country. The politicians who sent soldiers to fly him into exile in his pajamas said he will be arrested for treason if he tries. The interim leader named by Congress, Roberto Micheletti, warned only an armed invasion could restore toppled President Manuel Zelaya...
[The UN is a corrupt behemoth - a union of tyrants and thugs - that needs to be eliminated]

Australia: El Nino weather event "very likely"

In Houston, Federal agents hunt for guns, one house at a time
In front of a run-down shack in north Houston, federal agents step from a government sedan into 102-degree heat and face a critical question: How can the woman living here buy four high-end handguns in one day?...

ADP Services Says U.S. Lost 473,000 Jobs in June - Report (PDF)

California Misses Deadline to Avoid the Need for IOUs California is poised to issue more than $3 billion in IOUs to pay some bills after lawmakers failed to reach an agreement to close a $24 billion budget deficit facing the most-populous U.S. state.

Administration sends Congress consumer legislation
Obama now wants to regulate contracts

"Neither the wisest Constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt."
-Samuel Adams

“Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government...”
- Thomas Jefferson

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