Wednesday, July 01, 2009

News Updates, 7/2

"We Bend the Rules on Sexual Abuse"
Another Lila Rose video exposes Planned Parenthood

Chairman Obama Meets With Catholic Press Thursday
Thursday morning at 10:45 Eastern time, [Chairman Obama] is hosting a round table at the White House for members of the Catholic press. The National Catholic Register’s publisher, Father Owen Kearns, will be among eight religion reporters and editors in attendance at that gathering. The purpose of the gathering, according to Chris Hensman, press secretary with the National Security Council, is a “preview of the pres__ent’s [ID missing] upcoming visit with Pope Benedict XVI.” Obama is meeting with the Pope on July 10.

NEA to consider full support of homosexual 'marriage'
The co-founder of the National Education Association (NEA) Conservative Educators Caucus says the NEA will consider adoption of a resolution supporting homosexual "marriage."
[This is nothing more than the "educational abuse" of children - the NEA, a big contributor to the Usurper in Chief, should be viewed as a group advocating the emotional and spiritual abuse of innocent children.]

IrishCentral's own Father Tim, a Jesuit missionary who has his own blog on the site, has written a very special column on the Church abuse scandal in Ireland. The (rather long) link to Father Tim's "Mother Mary, speaking words of wisdom" post is here.

Nuns In The U.S. Are Facing Scrutiny By The Vatican
The Vatican is quietly conducting two sweeping investigations of American nuns, a development that has startled and dismayed nuns who fear they are the targets of a doctrinal inquisition. Sister Sandra M. Schneiders has urged fellow nuns not to participate in the study that is being conducted by the Vatican...

Mexican drug lords target outspoken priests
1,000 Catholic clerics facing constant threats

Controversial Brazilian bishop retires
Excommunicated those involved in 9-year-old's abortion

Pope urges state aid for victims of extortion
Benedict XVI thanked Italian anti-usury group

Probe of Bridgeport diocese loses momentum
Attorney General advises ethics officials to desist

Church against legalizing homosexuality in India
Catholics already at odds with gov't over other issues

Did Canadian bishops issue a 'whitewash' report?
Catholic agency cleared of abortion-funding allegations

Paraguay bishop: no reason to reconsider celibacy
Saya Lugo 'is aware of the rules of the Catholic Church'

First Indian convicted in anti-Christian riots
Hindu fanatics continue to issue death threats in Orissa

'Sexualized' nun and priest ad banned by watchdog
Suggestion of a kiss offensive in ice cream campaign

Baltimore Archdiocese to Probe Whether 'Miracle' Cancer Cure Tied to 19th-Century Priest
The Archdiocese of Baltimore plans to investigate whether an Annapolis woman's cure from cancer was a miracle, a possible step toward sainthood for a 19th-Century priest.

Other Issues

Swine flu cases in Britain could soar to 100,000 A DAY by next month, Government warns

Buenos Aires mayor declares health emergency (Swine flu)

Texas Appellate Court Deals Blow to Islamist Lawfare -- Upholds Free Speech Rights
Yesterday, seven Texas-area Muslim organizations filed an appeal of the unanimous ruling of the Texas Second Court of Appeals at Forth Worth, which protected the free speech rights of internet journalists and at the same time dealt a blow to the legal jihad being waged by radical Muslim groups throughout the United States...

North Korea seen readying missiles

Harvard Economist Ferguson Sees No Green Shoots

Obama's biggest character flaw
The President of these United States recently expressed his love for "the Urdu poets," a piece of inspired BS that nobody in their right minds believed for a second. But then the P was narrowcasting to Pakistan, he thought, and Americans weren't supposed to be listening. Yet character is revealed in those little snippets of Obama's mind -- his glorious fantasy life, his everlasting hope that somebody will fall for another piece of schtick, and his essential fraudulence as a human being...
[Besides suffering from NPD, where's the proof that Obongo is a "natural born citizen"?]

Bank of America to accept IOU's from California
[An insolvent bank accepting IOU's from insolvent state...How long before other states start similar schemes???]

NY City Council backs closure of schools for Islamic Feast on Sept. 11thThe NY Times fails to mention that Eid al-Adha falls on Sunday, September 11 in the year 2016 and Eid al-Fitr will begin at sunset on September 9 and continue to sunset on Friday September 10 in the year 2010...

Treasury Ready to Throw Away Billions
The U.S. Treasury has apparently found another way to lose more taxpayer money. Perhaps $9 billion down the drain, unless changes are made soon...

UK scraps compulsory ID cards
Alan Johnson, the home secretary, has shelved plans for the eventual introduction of compulsory ID cards for British citizens, dealing another blow to the government’s controversial £4.9bn national identity scheme.

The 56 Signers of the Declaration of Independence Proved Freedom is not Free
It all began on July 4, 1776 in the city of Philadelphia when a small group of men, suffering under the restraints of a European power 3000 miles away, and acting as the Second Continental Congress, declared their 13 colonies to be free and independent of Great Britain. Knowing their proclamation would bring difficulties, they committed themselves and their constituents to what they believed was their “unalienable right” — freedom from tyranny...

Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.
-Ben Franklin.

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