Monday, November 16, 2009

News Updates, 11/16

Alinsky Groups, Child Porn Convict, Socialist Tied to CCHD Funding
The annual CCHD (Catholic Campaign For Human Development) collection will be held in churches this coming weekend-November 21 and 22. This is the same group that was giving money for years to the Saul Alinsky-style group called ACORN before ending its relationship with the controversial group. After much criticism for its leftwing funding, the CCHD has supposedly tightened up their standards. Unfortunately these new standards are not working because the CCHD is still funding groups that:
-Have a registered sex offender (child porn) on the staff
-Are working to change laws so you can not refuse to rent to convicted criminals
-Have an admitted socialist and friend of Code Pink member Jodie Evans as Executive Director.
-Have direct ties to Alinsky's "Industrial Areas Foundation"

Pols defy Church pressure on DC gay marriage
City council accuses archdiocese of 'discrimination'

Bishop D'Arcy retires from 'Notre Dame's diocese'
Harrisburg bishop appointed to lead South Bend-Ft. Wayne

Bishop: Catholic Church needs more internet savvy
Vatican hosts four-day meeting on using the media

Pope names new leader for Milwaukee archdiocese
Listecki is retired lieutenant colonel in U.S. Army

UK' parenting czar: lesbians make better parents
Children brought up by female couples more aspirational?

Elderly, disabled to be forced to suicide in UK?
Under changes to 'assisted suicide' rules -- could be

Irish bishop questions 'ban' on women priests
Also expresses sadness at Church's exclusion of gays

Obama bent on including abortion in health care bill
White House says president objects to Stupak amendment

Meeting possible between Pope, Patriarch Kirill
'We are moving to a moment when it becomes possible'

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