Tuesday, November 17, 2009

News Updates, 11/17

Play depicting Jesus as gay packs church
Handful of protesters outside called it blasphemous

US bishops open 4-day confab in Baltimore
On the agenda: items related to marriage, reproduction

US Bishops split over new Mass translation
Confrontation and controversy expected at confab

Court allows same sex marriage in Argentina
Buenos Aires grants first marriage license to gays

Dublin down to one Catholic priest per parish
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin: 'We have 46 priests over 80'

Great Roman polyphony returns to Saint Peter's
Former head of Sistine chapel choir returns

Honduran cardinal: President removed constitutionally
Church leadership accused of backing military coup

Sexually-transmitted diseases still on rise
Researchers conclude teens not talking about sex enough

Cardinal: Church in China showing signs of hope
Still 'more a time of sowing than of reaping'

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