Thursday, November 19, 2009

News Updates, 11/19

Bishops discuss authority over Catholic colleges
Fallout continues from Obama-Notre Dame controversy

Bishops' $1.8M study: Gay priests not the problem clergy sex-abuses scandals
[Of course not....wouldn't want to implicate the perverts and degenerates like Weakland, etc...Just more wasted money!]

Bishops OK marriage pastoral -- with many changes
'Worthy of giving us direction for the next three years'

Man arrested for 'anti-Christian' mall disturbance
Muslim allegedly tore a crucifix from someone's neck

Italian mayors order crucifixes put in classrooms
Revolt underway against European court ruling

U.S. bishops approve new Mass translations
Bishop Donald Trautmanperson of Erie lost his 10-year battle
[Let's all let out a collective 'boo-hoo'...]

Pope John Paul II's sainthood on fast track?
Vatican OKs beatification process to proceed

Vatican highlights 'signs of hope' in China
Cardinal Bertone reiterates importance of reconciliation

Cardinal Napier: 'Africa needs water, not GMOs'
Durban archbishop says aid group misunderstands needs
[They do not misunderstabd - genetically modified foods are used to make slaves (and major bucks) for Big AG and renegade bureaucrats...the elites know what's best for everyone else!]

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