Tuesday, November 23, 2010

News Updates, 11/23

Archbishop Raymond Burke elevated to cardinal
With Wuerl, among 24 newly created 'princes of the Church'

Vatican clarifies Benedict's condom use comments
Pope 'does not reform or change the Church's teaching'

What the Pope really said about condoms
Book comments have whipped the media into a frenzy

Pope Benedict on condoms in 'Light of the World'
Male prostitutes cannot 'contracept' homosexual sex

Theologian says much of the Catholic clergy is gay
Calls for Vatican to 'own up' to gay priests in its midst

Catholics in Belgium start parishes of their own
Grass-roots movement believes priesthood not necessary

Pope heralds possible resignation if health fails
83-year-old pontiff may buck Church tradition

Holocaust-denial bishop threatened with expulsion
SSPX wants Williamson to fire his neo-Nazi lawyer

Opinion: Why bishops need Dolan's true grit
NYC archbishop 'will have his hands full'

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