Wednesday, November 24, 2010

News Updates, 11/24

Former priest accused of trying to hire hit man
Teenager had accused him of sexual abuse

US bishops to close their seminary in Louvain
Conference cites 'the small number of seminarians'

Iraqi Christians mourn latest losses in Mosul
Muslim attackers kill two brothers in auto body shop

Lawmaker blasts asylum offers for Iraqi Christians
Calls on Iraq gov't to protect Christian community

Iraqi Christians flee as al-Qaida steps up attacks
'They're leaving because they have to...'

Catholic thinkers examine Tea Party movement
Some have sensibilities that are 'almost anarchistic'

Catholic nurse can’t sue hospital that forced her to assist abortion
Administrators at Mt. Sinai Hospital had threatened DeCarlo with disciplinary measures in May 2009 if she did not honor a last-minute summons to assist in a scheduled late-term abortion. The hospital insisted on her participation in the procedure on the grounds that it was an “emergency.”...

Priest sought riches online as 'Jerry from Philly'
Suspended after federal agents seized his laptop

Has Vatican newspaper betrayed Pope Benedict?
Holy Father has not called for contraception debate

Catholics and journalists call for heads to roll at L’Osservatore Romano
Catholic commentators and mainstream journalists alike are denouncing L'Osservatore Romano for its "betrayal" of the Pope and of journalistic ethics.

Vatican begins shakeup of disgraced Legion order
Limits some duties of the powerful vicar general

The Good Father; 'V' Saves Endangered Species: Hero Priest
The sci-fi series "V" -- which returns in early January -- offers one of the rarest sights on TV: a heroic priest. Priests on TV are, these days, child molesters or behind-the-collar schemers. It's only natural considering recent headlines. But "V" having a heroic priest a as one of its main characters? That makes Father Jack Landry practically one of kind in prime time...

Justice Scalia slams high court for inventing ‘living constitution,’ right to abortion
U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia slammed the modern U.S. judiciary and the high court for using the idea of a "living constitution" to invent new rules and meanings

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