Wednesday, December 15, 2010

News Updates, 12/15

National Catholic Reporter gives bully pulpit to attack Catholic Chaplains
In a move that was a surprise to no one, the notoriously liberal and anti-Catholic National Catholic Reporter gave a platform to one of the most one-sided attacks on Archbishop Timothy Broglio of the Archdiocese of the Military Services...

A way to fight bullying? Openly homosexual state senator introduces bill requiring public schools to use materials that include “the historical contributions of gay people”

Maciel no longer 'our father' to Legionaries
Founder's writings no longer for sale by congregation

Legion Adopts New Norms Regarding Founder -Says Decree Reaffirms General Practice of Members
The Legionaries of Christ and its lay movement Regnum Christi will no longer refer to their founder as "Nuestro Padre," celebrate his birthday, or hang photos of him in their centers...

Concrete walls being erected around Iraqi churches
Protecting Christmas worshippers from Islamic attacks

Polish Franciscan missionary killed in Ecuador
Priest had cuts to neck and to other parts of the body

Knights of Columbus suit claims sex abuse cover-up
Alleging a youth leader sexually abused them decades ago

Braunschweig Dominicans Out of Control-Promote Homosexuality on Website
Homo-Dominicans in Branschweig have removed the worst references to unnatural offers of seducation from their website after substantial protests...
[Ummmm, I love braunschweiger!!! on bread with lettuce and Miracle Whip!]

Another kind of Cafeteria Catholic?
New website aims to educate faithful on death penalty, Catholics said to be among strongest backers of executions in CA

Hundreds gather to remember Fresno's bishop
Steinbock hospitalized in early November, died of cancer

Archbishop attacks Santa Claus as 'fat, red man'
Says he's got no business in Christmas celebrations

Bishops warn against culture of despair and blame
Urged people not to react to recession with defeatism

U of Wisconsin cancels late-term abortion scheme
Hailed as a major victory for local pro-lifers

Chase orders Southlake bank to remove Christmas tree
Chase Bank told a Texas businessman to remove the Christmas tree he donated to a local branch because it could offend people...
[The JPMorgan Chase institution is offensive]

===== Other News =====

Doctors Claim HIV-Positive Man Cured by Adult Stem Cell Transplant...

Switzerland considers repealing incest laws...

Senate Dems unveil $1.1T spending bill

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