Thursday, December 16, 2010

News Updates, 12/16

EU court orders Ireland to scrap anti-abortion law in move set to spark Catholic outrage
Ireland has been ordered to change their law banning abortion, likely sparking outrage from religious leaders. The European Court of Human Rights ruled today that the constitutional ban on abortion violates the rights of pregnant women to receive proper medical care in life-threatening cases. The judgment harshly criticised Ireland's long inaction on the issue...
[The EU - part of Satan's earthly enterprise]

Phoenix bishop threatens hospital's Catholic status
Abortion scandal at issue, doctrinal fidelity questioned

California diocese settles 2 more O'Grady abuse cases
Defrocked priest who spoke openly in 2006 documentary

Kansas bishop to Vatican: Get me out of Dodge
Retiring early because he found being bishop 'a burden'

Pope Benedict XVI Accepts Resignation of Dodge City Bishop Gilmore, Names Successor
WASHINGTON (December 15, 2010)—Pope Benedict XVI has accepted the resignation of Bishop Ronald Gilmore, 68, from the pastoral governance of the Diocese of Dodge City, Kansas, and named Father John Brungardt, 52, a priest of the Diocese of Wichita, Kansas, to succeed him....

Judge clears abuse report chapter to be published
Pedophilia allegations involve 46 priests in Dublin

Catholic colleges sporting pro-homosexual clubs
41% in US have officially-sanctioned LGBT resources
[The US has become the "new & improved" Sodom and Gomorrah-May God have mercy on us!!]

Pakistani president wants to amend blasphemy law
Condemned by Church leaders and human-rights activists

Japanese bishops wary of Neocatechumenal Way
Discuss their concerns with Pope at Vatican meeting

Poland sees rise in anti-religious secularism
Move towards rejecting Church teaching on morality

===== Other News =====

Russia Decides to Search for Sodom and Gomorrah-in Jordan
Russia and Jordan have signed an agreement to search the bottom of the Dead Sea for the remains of the Biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, Arabic news media reported over the weekend.

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