Wednesday, January 19, 2011

News Updates, 1/19

Pope: Same-sex unions penalize natural marriage
'Openness to life is the center of true development'

214,000 dead babies
One in every four children conceived in California is victim of abortion

Anglicans attempt to attract non-worshipers
Baptism services rewritten without Christian references

American Jesuit priest found dead in Brazil
Taught at a Catholic university in country since 1975

Former Anglicans could share their old churches
Leader does not want any 'rancor or bad feeling'

Church calls for 'clarity' on Italian PM scandal
Silvio Berlusconi should shed light on charges he faces

John Paul II named patron of World Youth Day
Late Pope presided over many of its largest gatherings

Weakening of Catholic identity is closing schools
Prof attributes decline in enrollment to this problem

Report exonerates Hindu extremists of murder
Autopsy says Christian pastor drowned, village revolts

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