Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Year Ending Reminder of Schismand Its Effects

A reader forwarded this article to me today, from the News-Leader in Springfield, in which the reporter lavishes ignorant praise upon an excommunicated priest for his obstinance toward, defiance to , and antipathy of ecclesiastical authority and the Church:

A year ago, Father Marek Bozek presided over the Christmas Eve Mass at St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Church in St. Louis...A year later, the church is growing.

Keep that thought in mind...

Bozek felt the needs of the congregation were more compelling than the rules of his church.
Let's not forget that the Board was "priest shopping" for quite some time. And Bozek rejected reason and his promises to his bishop because he "felt" the oppression of the people...

The people of St. Stanislaus agreed. The parish has been in a tug of war with the St. Louis Archdiocese over the ownership of the parish property for several years.

The reporter fails to mention that the reason for the "tug of war" was that the Board had illegally changed the bylaws of the parish.

The fallout after Bozek accepted the congregation's call to be their priest included a declaration of automatic excommunication by Burke and a still-pending appeal by the parish to the Vatican.

Bozek and comrades refuse obedience to the Archbishop and the Church yet, they await a ruling on an appeal...And when the appeal is rejected or decided against them, can you guess what the press release will say?

In the past year, the church has doubled in size to about 550 families, Bozek said. And it has become a welcoming home for people who have felt unwelcome in the traditional Catholic church. That includes divorced and remarried couples and gay couples.

Since it is a mortal sin to receive Communion from this excommunicated priest who has no faculties to celebrate or perform any of the sacraments, it is not surprising to see Bozek welcomes all who wish to heap sacrilege upon sacrilege and mortal sin upon mortal sin upon their souls. And let's not forget that Bozek has no power to give absolution in the Sacrament of Penance - not that fear of eternal damnation means much to those who persist in living in rebellion against the Church.

"My philosophy ... is that (the members of the parish) have now had first-hand experience of being excluded and persecuted," Bozek said. "It helped them to realize that there are others who are also unjustly excluded and persecuted."

Sin being irrelevant, it seems...

Bozek leads a traditional Latin Mass on Friday nights...

Without permission, of course.

Another area of growth has been among non-Catholics.

"It's almost an irony of fate," said Bozek. "A church that has been called schismatic has drawn people to itself who want to become Catholic ... .

"That is the major proof that we are doing something good over here."

Unfortunately, people are still being deceived by this charade of a Catholic church and an imposter "priest" - marriages are invalid, the can be no Confirmations, yet some think that they are becoming Catholic. A pity, really. Another reason, sometimes forgotten, that we need to pray fervently for the conversion of these people to the one, true Church - the Church they abandoned in a display of pride and rebellion.

And let's resolve to pray for Archbishop Burke and his intentions at least weekly, if not daily, especially by praying the Rosary.

A Special Hat Tip to Ken C. for this article...

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