Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Archbishop Flynn: No Mass for New Ways Ministry Symposium

A national symposium to explore the conflict between homosexuality and Catholicism is set to take place in the Twin Cities area this weekend.
The only conflict is that of a group of dissenting "Catholics" are refusing to accept the natural moral law and the teachings of the Church. Were they to abandon their disordered lust and pride, their eyes might be opened and their intellects might be illumined with the light of the truth.

But one thing participants won't be able to do — as they have in every other city where the symposium has taken place since 1977 — is celebrate Mass.

The symposium, "Outward Signs: Lesbian/Gay Catholics in a Sacramental Church," is the sixth such meeting sponsored by New Ways Ministry — an organization dedicated to creating "a gay-positive ministry of advocacy and justice for lesbian and gay Catholics," according to the organization's literature.

Is it not mind-boggling that this assault has been ongoing for 30 years? No wonder there are so many "confused" and poorly catechized "Catholics"...The cliche "The inmates are running the asylum" comes to mind.

And what exactly is "Justice for lesbian and gay Catholics"? Justice requires truth, not lies. There can be no justice when those who have disordered inclinations are encouraged to rebel against God, against the Church, against the natural order. Promoting a sinful and immoral lifestyle as a good thing is sinful - and, one should not forget, eternal justice will eventully be rendered...It would seem that one who professes to believe in our Lord and His Church might possess, if not a filial fear of the Lord, at least a servile fear in order that one might steer clear of the path of eternal damnation.

Archbishop Harry Flynn, of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, sent a candid letter last month to New Ways, stating concern about the symposium's topics and featured speakers "who are known to have publicly contested Church teaching."

Those who are known to have publicly rejected the Church's teaching should be called what they truly are, be it heretics, schismatics, or apostates. It's unfortunate that bishops allow these sick souls to continue to infect others by not publicly excommunicating them.

Flynn prohibited symposium participants from celebrating Holy Eucharist, saying to do so might mislead Archdiocese members into believing the speakers' views had the church's sanction.
I suppose one should be thankful for small favors - at least, it is a step in the right direction.

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