Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wishful thinking?

For Catholics, women’s ordination may be here sooner than you think

Such is the title of a Kansas City Star article by Phyllis Zagano. Zagano is senior research-associate-in-residence in the religion department of Hofstra University and author of Holy Saturday: An Argument for the Restoration of the Female Diaconate in the Catholic Church.

... I still think Pope Benedict XVI is moving toward ordaining Catholic women.

Three times in the last year or so, the pope’s comments leaned in that direction. The telltale words are “governance” and “ministry.” Each is technically reserved to the ordained.
* * *
A year ago, a Rome priest publicly asked Benedict if women could be included formally in Church governance and ministry. Surprisingly, Benedict said yes. He said so again on German television last August.

And there it is! This "ministry" would be the diaconate, (priesthood will take a bit more time as does all incrementalism)....and if one pays "close attention" to the Holy Father's words, he might "see" that the pope is really sending subliminal messages of his future actions to those who have been given special knowledge...Why it's so plain to see now!

...[The Pope] reminded the crowd that Thomas Aquinas called Mary Magdalene the “apostle to the apostles.” She did, after all, announce Jesus’ Resurrection.
* * *
Benedict did not use the word “diaconate” (the ministry of deacons), but he leans in that direction, coinciding with the historical record of women’s ministry. Women once were deacons. That is a historical fact.
Fact? Not as most understand "fact"...This is something widely misunderstood...all in an effort to promote women's "ordination"...

And what if women deacons ministering in charity could preach each Sunday? Would not the church hear more about the way the gospel functions in the real world, here and now, in the 21st century?

Maybe Katharine Jefferts Schori, the Presiding "Bishop" of Episcopal Church in the United States of America, could provide the answers to these intriguing questions...

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