Saturday, May 05, 2007

This is not "Hate Speech"

“We will bury you!”
Homosexual advocate demeans, threatens California pro-family group

A board member of the homosexual-rights group Equality California has sent an email to a Sacramento-based pro-family organization calling it “bigoted and divisive” and threatening, “If you continue your efforts, we will BURY you."

Capitol Resource Institute made the email public after receiving it from Equality California board member Ben Patrick Johnson following a five-minute debate on the Fox News Channel between the Institute’s Karen England and Seth Kilbourn, Equality California’s political director, over a bill pending in the California legislature that would prohibit the use of any materials in the public schools that reflect negatively on the homosexual lifestyle.
. . .
According to CRI, Johnson’s own statements reveal “the true agenda behind such legislation as SB 777. The radical homosexual agenda intends on sweeping the nation. California is merely the first step in the campaign to stifle free speech and stamp out opposition to ‘alternative lifestyles.’”
The text of Johnson's message can be read at California Catholic Daily here and a video of the debate on SB 777 which caused Johnson to lose his cool can be viewed here.

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