Friday, June 15, 2007

Cardinal Pell to be investigated for contempt

If anyone should be investigated for contempt, it should be Catholic politicians who publicly display their contempt for the dignity of human life and the teachings of the Church!

A NSW Parliamentary committee will investigate whether the Archbishop of Sydney, George Pell, was in contempt of Parliament by warning Catholic MPs to reject a bill to expand stem cell research.

The President of the Legislative Council, Peter Primrose, said yesterday he had referred Cardinal Pell's comments to the upper house privileges committee after a request from the Greens MP Lee Rhiannon for an investigation.
. . .
Ms Rhiannon yesterday described Cardinal Pell's comments as an "outburst of muscular Catholicism" and an attempt to interfere in the democratic process.

"The archbishop has refused to cease his special brand of meddling, despite a widespread public outcry that his statements were inappropriate," she said.
I'm afraid I might be inclined to tell these yahoos to go pound sand - and how "inappropriate" would that be....

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