Sunday, June 10, 2007

MPs Present Themselves for Communion, Ignoring Cardinal Pell

CATHOLIC MPs, including the Deputy Premier, John Watkins, and the Nationals' Adrian Piccoli, ignored warnings from the Archbishop of Sydney, George Pell, and received Communion at Mass yesterday.

Mr Watkins and Mr Piccoli last week voted to support embryonic stem cell research despite Cardinal Pell warning they faced "consequences" in their religious lives for supporting the research.

The MPs received Communion as Cardinal Pell stepped up his warning to MPs who backed the stem-cell bill, telling them they should seriously consider receiving the sacrament.

...[Watkins] said he had a discussion with his parish priest, who was happy for him to receive Communion despite Mr Watkins supporting an expansion of stem cell research.
Scandal heaped upon scandal; sin piled upon sin...It appears some are purposely repudiating, not only Church teaching, but Cardinal Pell as well - publicly challenging him .

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