Friday, June 15, 2007

Pope to Help Alice von Hildebrand Share Her Husband's Work

NEW ROCHELLE - The life story of Catholic philosopher Dietrich von Hildebrand cries out for a movie script, even if he is virtually unknown outside of the ivory halls of seminaries and universities.

But the profile of this courageous and prolific intellectual, perhaps the first German figure to publicly oppose the Nazis, is about to get a boost.

Von Hildebrand's widow, Alice, a renowned philosopher in her own right, has enlisted the help of a notable von Hildebrand fan as she seeks to have many of her husband's works translated into English and published for a new audience.

This fan, a German philosopher himself, lives in Rome these days and has something of a worldwide audience.
. . .
[Pope] Benedict XVI has already personally secured a grant for the translation of von Hildebrand's writings. And he has promised to write a letter of general support - a papal stamp of approval - for Alice von Hildebrand's goals.

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