Monday, June 11, 2007

Stretching with Fr. Tom...

“The stuff of our spirituality”
Retreat on yoga as means of spiritual discernment held in Oakland diocese

The Diocese of Oakland announced a June 8-10 retreat at Vallombrosa Center in Menlo Park: “Prayer of Heart and Body: Mediation and Yoga as Christian Spiritual Practice.”
. . .
Leading the retreat was Paulist Father Tom Ryan, who, according to the Weekly, “lives in Washington, DC and works in ecumenical and interfaith relations.” Ryan has written books on yoga and Christian spiritual practice and has a DVD, Yoga Prayer. [An excerpt from this video, “Stretch with Fr. Tom,” features Ryan, in an orange t-shirt, brown trousers, and barefoot, doing stretching exercises. The set features candles and a Celtic cross. The musical accompaniment is “Rejoice and Be Glad (For Yours is the Kingdom of God.).”]
Apparently, what was good enough and sufficient for Christians who have preceded us, is lacking in these days...Divergent voices inform us that "this is good/this is bad" - at the same time. Is it any wonder that so many appear to suffer from confusion - a sort of schizophrenic belief system - a faith which borders on the absurd?

How did so many saints ever make it without the benefits and insights of such "spiritual direction" as that promoted by "Fr. Tom" and others like him?

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