Monday, October 15, 2007

Cardinal McCarrick Speaks...Is Anyone Listening?

Former Catholic Cardinal, Pro-Abortion Group Blast Communion Denial Quote

Washington, DC ( -- A former Catholic cardinal and a leading pro-abortion "Catholic" group have blasted comments by St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke who said he would deny communion to Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani because of his position favoring abortion.
That Cardinal would be Theodore McCarrick, known for his concealing a crucial memorandum of then Cardinal Ratzinger from his brothers bishops at their meeting in Denver in June 2004...

And the pro-abortion group is the infamous "Catholics for a Free Choice."

In an interview with the Associated Press over the weekend he also said the church's positions on abortion and other issues such as euthanasia and the death penalty are base teachings, but do not fully encompass all Catholic beliefs.
The man continues to oppose the disciplinary laws of the Church. His words are meaningless except for those with itching ears...

Meanwhile, Jon O'Brien, the head of the pro-abortion group calling itself "Catholics for a Free Choice" said communion decisions shouldn't be based on abortion. "In Catholicism, once you are baptized, you are authentically Catholic. We don't have a litmus test that people take," he told the Associated Press.
So states a proponent of infanticide.

Both of them and all others like them are in need of our prayers.

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