Friday, October 19, 2007

The 'Courage' to go 'Beyond Gay'

From Matt Abott's column from last Saturday:
I'd like to put in a good word about Courage, "a spiritual support system which would assist men and women with same-sex attractions in living chaste lives in fellowship, truth and love."

Developed by Father John Harvey, with the assistance of Father Benedict Groeschel, Courage held "its first meeting in September, 1980 at the Shrine of Mother Seton in South Ferry.

"With the endorsement of the Holy See, Courage now has more than 110 Chapters and contact people world-wide, over 1500 persons participating in its ListServs, and hundreds of persons per week receiving assistance from the main office and website. It has become a mainstream Catholic Apostolate helping thousands of men and women find peace through fellowship, prayer, and the Sacraments."
Some may recall that Archbishop Burke vigorously attempted to get an amendment passed recently at the USCCB bishops' meeting to have both Courage and Encourage included in a document the bishops were to vote on...Some realize how important this is, especially in today's confused world.

Secondly, Abbot includes an excerpt from a book by David Morrison, who is a Catholic writer and promoter of the apostolate. He authored the book Beyond Gay, from which the following excerpt comes (Chap. 15, 244-245):
'So much confusion reigns about what the Church teaches about same-sex attraction that I urge every homosexually attracted person to forget what they think the Church teaches or what they have heard she teaches and learn instead what she really teaches. . .
This is just the first sentence-It really is a must read. I highly recommend that Matt Abbott's post be read as Morrison eloquently relates what authentic, true love is.

Matt's column is here.

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