Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Meditation for December 12, Devotion to the Invisible Guest

Father Charles Foucauld wrote to his married sister, the mother of a family:

"God is in us, in the depths of our soul...., always there listening to us, asking us to chat a little with Him. Train your children to speak with the Divine Guest of their soul....Often remind them that there is no solitude for a Christian. Solitude has budded and flowered as a lily, says the psalm. That is indeed true for us. God is within us.

"At Sainte-Baume, St. Mary Magdalen was no more alone than at Bethany; instead of having God visible in His mortal form, she had the invisible God in the depths of her soul, but He was not less present. That is true in my life also, my dear. Make every effort to realize it more and more. Attention to God in your soul will not divert you from your other occupations. It takes but a moment, and instead of your being alone, there will be two to fulfill your duties.

"Close your eyes from time to time and recol­lect yourself saying 'You are there, my God; I love You.' That is all that is necessary. All you do will be better because you will have help. And what help! Little by little you will acquire the habit and you will constantly feel within you this Sweet Com­panion, this God of our hearts....

"Then there will be no solitude....Let us pray for each other that we may hold sweet converse with this dear Guest of our souls."

If such a practice can be recommended to a married person charged with the care of a family, how much more to a religious vowed to a state of recollection, to an interior life!

"O Divine Master, who dost deign to dwell within my soul, never permit me to leave You alone; rather let us unite our two solitudes."
Adapted from Meditations for Religious
by Father Raoul Plus, S.J. (© 1939, Frederick Pustet Co.)

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