Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Raleigh diocese warns of 'Golden Compass'

Another diocese sounds the alarm:
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Raleigh has issued a letter warning parish pastors about the subversive, atheistic themes in the new movie "The Golden Compass" and the book by the same name.

In doing so, the diocese, which spans the eastern half of North Carolina, is the latest to join a chorus of evangelical Christian and pro-family groups who have railed against the fantasy film, which opened Friday in theaters in the Triangle.

In his letter to pastors, Michael J. Fedewa, who oversees education for the diocese, said the movie and the books are anti-Catholic and promote atheism.

"The concern is that once a child gets 'hooked' on the film or the books, then the next film could resort to the true atheistic nature of the books," he wrote....

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