Tuesday, December 11, 2007

St Cronan Advent Vespers Held Outside in the Rain...

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...off church property.

First, as reported here, the Advent Vespers with Rabbi Susan Talve was scheduled for tonight, then later, as reported here, things seem to have changed - and change they did as reported on KTVI Fox 2 news this evening. Talve did in fact give a talk under a tent outside the church and presumably off church property...

Another site reports that Archbishop Burke asked that St Cronans parish "disinvite" Talve - something parish "leadership" evidently did not do...As an apparent hotbed of dissent, fidelity and obedience are qualities in short supply.

As Fox2 News reports:
KTVI - myFOXstl.com) -- The holidays are a time to come together and celebrate, but a strained relationship between the archdiocese and a local rabbi sends a holiday church service outside.
The report (video) indicated that some from St Cronans were willing to risk 'excommunication' to have Talve speak inside the church....While sad, there really can be no surprise in hearing such statements.

Video available at the Fox 2 Link above.
Update from the Post Dispatch!!!

On Tuesday night, St. Cronan's parishioners, and their guests — including [Rose] Hudson and [Elsie] McGrath — gathered on Swan Avenue in coats, hats and scarves to sing songs, hear readings from the prophet Isaiah and writer Annie Dillard, and listen to a sermon from Talve.

"What a holy place," said Talve, who joined the Catholic service on the last day of the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. "I've come to love Advent at St. Cronan's. What many didn't understand is that this isn't out of the ordinary. You've invited me before. We're just going on with tradition and custom"....

St. Cronan's pastor, the Rev. Gerald Kleba, did not attend the service. But Sister Louise Lears, a member of the church's pastoral team, said afterward that the event "was not a protest. It was not a demonstration. It was a prayer service."
And the pastor was not there...Who is in charge at this parish? "Sister" Louise? The "pastoral team"? ... no one?

It is claimed that this was not a "protest" - Sure...nevertheless, it certainly appears to be an outright endorsement of Talve's recent actions allowing the "priestesses" Hudson and McGrath to have their party in her synagogue...and an apparent approval of "women priestettes."

Source: Post Dispatch

Remember, first of all, pray for these people...

Updated 12/12/07 11:45am - From the blog, St Louis Catholic, we read, "It's Time to Do Something about St Cronan's"

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