Thursday, February 21, 2008

Just for Today, February 22

Oh! how great thanks am I obliged to return to Thee, for having vouchsafed to show me and all the faithful a right and good way to an everlasting kingdom.
-Bk. III, ch. xviii.

If you could only realize how tenderly the Sacred Heart of Jesus loves you, and what He expects from you! Your last letter moved me very much, for I saw that your soul and mine are sisters, as you also are being prompted to go to God by means of Love's lift, instead of toiling upwards by the rugged path of fear.

I am not surprised that you should find it difficult to live on terms of familiarity with Our Lord: this is not the work of one day. But I feel sure that after my death I shall be better able to help you along this path, and that you will soon exclaim with St Augustine: My weight is my love: by that am I carried whithersoever I be carried (Conf. xiii, 9).
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Adapted from Just For Today(©1943 Burns & Oates)
Nihil Obstat: Reginaldus Phillips, S.T.L.,Censor deputatus
Imprimatur: Edwardus Myers, Vic. Cap.

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