Saturday, February 23, 2008

Just for Today, February 24

When a priest celebrates, he honours God, he rejoices the angels, he edifies the Church, he helps the living, he obtains rest for the dead, and makes himself partaker of all that is good.
-Bk. IV, ch. v.

A priestly vocation! O Jesus! how lovingly I would hold Thee in my hands when my voice had brought Thee down from Heaven, with what love I would give Thee to souls! And yet, whilst wishing that I could be a priest, at the same time I envy and admire the humility of St Francis of Assisi, and feel that I have a vocation to imitate him by refusing the sublime dignity of the priesthood. I do not know how to reconcile these conflicting attractions.
-The Story of a Soul (L'Histoire d'une Âme)
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Adapted from Just For Today(©1943 Burns & Oates)
Nihil Obstat: Reginaldus Phillips, S.T.L.,Censor deputatus
Imprimatur: Edwardus Myers, Vic. Cap.

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