Thursday, February 28, 2008

Meditation for February 29, Jesus, Infinite Mercy

Several of the saints who have been granted visions of the Pas­sion agree on one distressing detail.

When Jesus, freed from the pillar, fell in His own blood, His first concern was to drag Himself over the ground to recover His loin cloth, which lay at some distance with His other garments; but those drunken brutes who had beaten Him wished to prolong their inhuman game and sneeringly kicked Him from side to side. Just as He was about to reach for His loin cloth one of the base cads caught it up on his foot and sent it flying still farther, forcing our Good Master to even greater exertion. This boorishness, we are told, cut Jesus more deeply than the iron whips.

O Jesus, when Thy martyr, St. Felicitas, was hurled into the air by the horns of the mad bull, her clothing was so torn that it no longer covered her sufficiently, and while falling to the ground she tried to cover herself better-a beautiful gesture of purity.

"I love to contemplate You, my sweet Savior, Infinite Purity, seeking as soon as You have been released, to recover Your garments in spite of Your utter exhaustion.

"And how I wish to make atonement for all immodesty and sinful exposure, for all well as for all insults heaped upon those who try to serve You."
Adapted from Meditations for Religious
by Father Raoul Plus, S.J. (© 1939, Frederick Pustet Co.)

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