Friday, February 29, 2008

Stanislaus Board Asked to Remove Marek Bosek as Pastor?


As heard on local radio this morning, it appears that some parishioners of St Stanislaus Church are requesting that Board members vote to remove hired priest, Marek Bozek, from his job as pastor.

This request is being made because Bozek is espousing ideas that are inconsistent with the Catholic faith. Specifically mentioned was open or intercommunion. Certainly his open advocacy for women's ordination to the priesthood is another?

More as additional information becomes available. His date with destiny is March 5.

*** Updated ***
From the Post Dispatch:

ST. LOUIS — Two members of St. Stanislaus Kostka church say they will ask Sunday for the removal of its pastor, the Rev. Marek Bozek, on grounds that he is promoting ideas contrary to Roman Catholicism, such as his offer to give Communion to people who aren't Catholic.

Roger Krasnicki, former spokesman for the St. Stanislaus board, and Alice Kaminski of St. Peters said they plan to attend the board meeting Sunday afternoon to press for Bozek's removal. They said they speak for many members of the parish.

William Bialczak, board chairman, said they were welcome to speak. As for sentiment to remove Bozek, Bialczak said, "This is the first I've heard of it."

Reached Thursday evening, Bozek said he was aware of the criticism and said his detractors "make up a small group of maybe a dozen, against 400 who are very happy with the parish. ... I am not changing any matter of our faith."

Krasnicki and Kaminski, both of whom say they no longer attend Sunday Mass at St. Stanislaus, said Bozek upset many parishioners when he recently announced during Mass his support for the ordination of women as priests and for offering Communion to anyone who approaches the altar, not just Catholics. Bialczak confirmed that Bozek took those stands.

Bozek, infected with the deadly sin of pride, places himself above Christ and the Church when he decides what is and is not truth. The sooner the imposter is laicized, the better for all.

Krasnicki said there was concern "that Father Bozek is straying far afield from Roman Catholicism." Said Kaminski, "We're still a Catholic church, and we should be following the rules and dogma of the church."

It's encouraging to see that Krasnicki and others are taking this stand. Pray that they might also come to see that obedience in matters of discipline is also part of the Church's tradition and which was exemplified by our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Link to Post article.

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