Friday, October 03, 2008

FSU Students Challenge "Catholics for Obama" Sisters, Priests

Great work by some students at Franciscan University students as reported by Deal Hudson here.

The soon-to-be history "Sisters of Mercy" hosted this event to espouse positions which are, bluntly, heretical. In addition, a wayward, lost, and presumably Catholic priest encouraged those in attendance to call the IRD on priests who spoke out about the primary issue of abortion as the gravest issue of our time.

We can only ask when the bishop will correct these sowers of heresy and scandal?

Last evening at Carlow University in Pittsburg, the Sisters of Mercy hosted a Catholics for Obama event. I received a call from someone who attended the event who told me the “high point was when a Catholic priest urged everyone in the crowd to report any priest to the IRS and to the diocese of Pittsburgh who preaches from the pulpit that you must vote based on one issue....”

Thirteen Franciscan University Students attended the event from the Students for Life and the College Republicans...The purpose of their attendance was to ask thought provoking questions and to evangelize to the attendees at the event.
Thanks be to God that these students had the grace and courage to enter Satan's den to speak the truth.

A paper was supposed to be delivered by Prof. Nicholas Cafardi, a professor of Law at Duquesne University. Dr. Cafardi cancelled his appearance at the event, but one of the Sisters of Mercy read his paper...

Some may recall that Cafardi is the second high-profile Catholic jurist to endorse Obama, following the confused Doug Kmiec, whose has attempted to rationalize the murder of innocent children in support of Barry Sotero, AKA B. Hussein Obama.
Cafardi’s paper began, “I believe that abortion is an unspeakable evil....I support Obama in spite of the fact that he is pro-abortion.” He referenced the Nov. 2007 USCCB Faithful Citizenship, particularly sections 34, 35, and 42.
Caeteria style....

Cafardi claimed, “We have lost the abortion battle, and I believe we have lost it completely.”
Cafardi waves the white flag of surrender - the same flag as his heroes - Obama bin Biden.

After the talk, the sister opened it up to questions. At this point it became evident that at least half of the attendees to this event were pro-life McCain supporters.
Deo Gratias! I'll bet the rebellious sisters and renegade priests were "thrilled."

The "sister" (a lapsed Catholic or an apostate, no doubt), avoided calling on Franciscan students who wanted to ask questions - another indication of the suppression of truth and authentic "choice" such culture of death advocates wish to impose on others, when their irrational and indefensible positions are questioned. But some were able to elude the "sister's" discrimination:

One was able to ask about Obama's supporting infanticide while he was an Illinois senator...
That clearly infuriated her, and she said that not only did Obama not support infanticide, but also that he [the student] was being brainwashed by propaganda.
The facts are clear in this matter and the good "sister" refuses to accept the truth. She apparently prefers the darkness rather than the light. I think it's clear who has been "brainwashed" - as an Obamabot...

Let us keep these courageous students from Franciscan University in our prayers - they represent the future leaders of a much needed lay involvement of promoting the teachings of the Church - the truth and the natural moral law. Pray also for all those who claim to be Catholic, but have been deceived because of ignorance or who willfully follow the enemies of Christ.

Full story here.

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