Monday, November 29, 2010

News Updates, 11/29

Dutch Catholic order admits abuse case hush money
Denied one of its bishops was involved in the case

Former UK PM defends role of religion in politics
Tony Blair debates atheist scion Christopher Hitchens

Scottish referee fired for anti-Catholic email
Crude pedophile slur linked Pope with sexual abuse

China's newest bishop faces excommunication
Pope calls ordination 'grave violation of Church laws

Pope: Vatican acted slowly, late in Legion scandal
Calls for investigation into who covered up for Maciel

Vatican: new guidelines to combat abuse scandal
Rome to offer 'a coordinated and efficacious program'

Pope accepts Brazilian bishop's resignation
Prelate backed pro-abortion presidential candidate

Pope: Hiroshima anniversary a reminder to disarm
Benedict praised Japan for setting an example

Priest's challenges Church on women's ordination
Australian's future ministry hangs in balance

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