Wednesday, December 01, 2010

News Updates, Dec 1

Calgary Anglican parish to become Catholic
First in Canada to accept offer from the Vatican

Pope reaffirms 'no authority' to ordain women
Says Church isn't a regime based on arbitrary rule

Pentagon 'backs allowing gays to serve openly'
Would carry only a low risk to fighting ability

Smithsonian 'Anty Christ' exhibit creates furor
Includes video of ants crawling on a crucified Christ

Bishops to Congress: Condemn Iraq persecutions
...and insist on better protection for Christians

Christmas can wait, Utah's new bishop says
Catholics should remain faithful to Advent

'Deathly' silence fails to bury Tolstoy centenary
Russian Orthodox Church refuses to rehabilitate him

Pope: Christian unity must be based on shared faith
Urges Catholics, Orthodox to look to apostles

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