Saturday, December 04, 2010

Former BOD Chairman of St Stanislaus Sentenced to 1 Year

Brothers in tow company scandal get same sentence: 1 year, 1 day
From the Post Dispatch:
The brothers and owners of a towing and parking lot company each were sentenced to one year and one day in prison today for tax evasion.

A federal judge ordered William Bialczak to an additional two years of supervised release and a fine of $100,000....

The judge also ordered William Bialczak to make restitution of $370,185 to the Internal Revenue Service, although that money will be taken out of the $500,000 the government seized when it raided the towing company in August 2008.

...William Bialczak will serve his prison term first...
The Post-Dispatch article is here.

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A special HT to Eugene B for the updates!

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Anonymous said...

Shouldn't there be more to this whole thing? 1 year and his fine do not seem enough for all the evil things these men have done to their victims. Aren't the feds prosecuting for any of the other things? What about St. Louis City? I'm very confused. It seems they are getting away with a great deal here!