Tuesday, November 30, 2010

News Updates, 11/30

Illinois could legalize same-sex civil unions
Cardinal George: It's 'gay marriage by another name'

Twelve arrested over deadly Baghdad church siege
More than 50 Christians killed by al-Qaeda terrorists

Oregon mosque hit by arson after bomb plot
Fire dept: 'We do have evidence that it was arson'

Pope: Catholic newspapers have 'irreplaceable' role
...in forming Christian consciences

Scottish Church spokesman rips anti-Catholic bigotry
'Deep and wide' strain still flourishes in country

Wikileaks reveals how US reacted to Pope election
Ratzinger's papal election came as a total surprise

Pope Benedict XVI urges respect for human embryos
Says they 'aren't just biological material'

Christmas is winning the 'war on Christmas'
No more 'Happy holidays' for many retailers

Atheist billboard campaign: Christmas is a myth
'If the religious right wants a war on Christmas...'

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