Wednesday, January 05, 2011

News Updates, 1/5

Milwaukee archdiocese to file for bankruptcy
Citing financial drain from unresolved lawsuits

Federal appeals court boots Imperial County from Prop. 8 case
Asks for help from CA Supreme Court

Construction work starts at Lourdes shrine
Effort to prevent stones from falling in grotto

Ex-Anglican bishops to be ordained priests
Fortnight after they were received into the Church

Virgin Mary statue replaced with roaming gnome
Group against 'narcissistic' acts in the wilderness?

Pope rejects appeal from closed Mass. parishes
Boston-area group still bent on saving churches

Pope names new head of congregation for religious
Brazilian archbishop to replace Cardinal Franc Rode

New Vatican agency to combat money laundering
Measures establishe harsh penalties, jail time

Are we entering new age of Christian persecution?
Christian homes targeted in Baghdad by terrorists

Pope John Paul II to be beatified in 2011?
French nun said to be healed by Wojtyla miracle

NCR names Sr. Carol Keehan as 2010 person of the year
The National Catholic Reporter chose Daughter of Charity Sr. Carol Keehan, Catholic Health Association president and CEO, as its 2010 person of the year for her extraordinary [apostacy and rejection of the faith?] leadership and courage. In the spring of 2010, as the national debate [debate? WHAT debate?] on health care reform seemed deadlocked, Sr. Carol Keehan led the Catholic Health Association to endorse [abortion and euthanasia] the legislation and thus helped pass it through Congress. The move put health care coverage within the reach of an additional 32 million people.

[I find it extremely displeasing and repugnant to read such excrement - especially when LIES substitute for Truth. It's as if nearly all of the media have been possessed by demonic forces. The same is true of our leviathon government!

May Americans soon find the will to throw off the chains of debt slavery being imposed by the banksters and our "representative' government. ]

===== Other News =====

2011 Gay Shoppers Guide: The Home Depot earns high marks as gay-friendly
The Home Depot is listed as a Top 20 national retailer for promoting homosexuality by placing in HRC's "highest workplace equality score" category.

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