Thursday, January 06, 2011

News Updates, 1/6

False abuse accusations against priests common?
Los Angeles lawyer warns California court of fraud

Punjab governor assassinated in Islamabad
Taseer dared to oppose Muslim's blasphemy law

Afghan Christian given week to renounce Christ
Man was arrested for giving a Bible to a Muslim

Discovery, Vatican behind exorcism TV series
'The Exorcist Files' will recreate real possession stories

Mexican 'Death Saint' cult leader arrested
Suspected of participating in a kidnapping ring

Parishioners refuse to leave shuttered church
'This is our church, unrightly taken from us'

Obama admin drops 'death panel' provision
Critics said it was push towards assisted suicide
[Dropped? Until when? Surely someone jests - are we supposed to believe these pathological liars?]

Cardinal: Priests have right to discuss politics
Same-sex marriage can be issue in the pulpit

Twenty-one US bishops set to retire in 2011
Five cardinals turning 75-years-old this year

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