Friday, January 07, 2011

News Updates, 1/7

Pope Benedict says God was behind Big Bang
'The universe is not the result of chance'

Former Planned Parenthood Director to Expose Abortion Biz
Abby Johnson was named an employee of the year in 2008 when she was the director of a Planned Parenthood abortion business in southeast Texas, but the recent pro-life convert will tell all in a new webcast...

Iran arrests 70 Christian missionaries
Accused of 'cultural onslaught' against Islam

Diocese bankruptcy decision fraught with risks
Green Bay following in the footsteps of Milwaukee

Left preaches doctrine of liberal abortion
Recipe to put Catholic hospitals in intensive care

Pope 'stunned' by recent anti-Christian attacks
'We are asking ourselves in sorrow: why?'

Fugitive Catholic priest dies on Martinique
Alleged sex abuse victim says 'a monster is dead'

Romanian witches to curse country's rulers
For taxing their profession under amended labor law

Colleges nationwide recruit homeschool grads
Students scoring 37 percentile points above average

Catholic Marquette University Hires Pro-Abortion Russ Feingold
Marquette University is finding itself on the wrong side of the pro-life debate as it has chosen to hire pro-abortion former Senator Russ Feingold. Feingold is no stranger to pro-life advocates in Wisconsin, as he racked up a strongly pro-abortion voting record and put people on the Supreme Court, as a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, who will continue the 53 million abortions seen under Roe v. Wade
[It's disingenuous, I believe to state that Marquette is "Catholic" - 'allegedly' Catholic might be a better way of saying it. Some so-called "Catholic" institutions are no more "Catholic" than a suburban mall. One might even suggest that they are even more "anti-Catholic, anti-Christian" than the some jihadists.]

YWCA loses Christianity from title (to better reflect its role in society?)
The YWCA, which was set up in 1855 to help young women going to London for the first time, has now become "Platform 51". The name was chosen because 51 per cent of people are female and "women use us as a platform for having their say and for helping them into the next stage of their lives"...

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