Friday, January 23, 2004

Installation Mass of Archbishop Burke

EWTN will broadcast the installation Mass of the Most Reverend Raymond Burke as Archbishop of the Archdiocese of St. Louis, MO. Bishop Burke recently made national news for his decision to ban pro-abortion Catholic lawmakers from receiving Communion.

Monday January 26 at 2pm Central - LIVE
Monday January 26 at 11pm Central - Encore

This will be nice for those of us unable to take off from work...

Mel Gibson - New exclusive 2nd interview - "The Passion of the Christ"

Tonight at 7:00 Central on EWTN

From EWTN:
In the interview, Gibson breaks his silence, speaking for the first time about charges that his film, The Passion of the Christ is anti-Semitic. He talks about his bold vision for the project and his motivation for making the film. Gibson tells Arroyo, “It reflects my beliefs-I’ve never done that before.”

He also candidly comments on the controversy surrounding the movie, his resistance to altering the film, and his personal commitment to press forward: “I don’t know if I will ever work again. I’ve said that this is a career killer and it could well be, but that doesn’t matter because I don’t care,” Gibson says in the interview.

Based on biblical accounts, the movie, "The Passion of the Christ," depicts the last 12 hours of Christ’s life on earth and will be released in the U.S. on Ash Wednesday, February 25th.

EWTNews Director, Raymond Arroyo was on set, in Italy during the filming of “The Passion of the Christ” last year, and is the only broadcast journalist to conduct an extended interview with Mel Gibson about the project.

Cleveland priest arrested for growing marijuana

As if Bishop Pilla does not have enough problems, along comes this 'indiscretion' at Prince of Peace Catholic Church:
Police arrest priest in Norton drug raid
Pastor charged with cultivating marijuana at rectory. Second man accused of trafficking; 35 plants seized

And another story on this here.

I wonder if Fr. Arko will be able to make this 14th Annual Retreat in Faith and Light on May 2-4, 2003?

And then, there's the Yoga stuff...Someone found this gem at "Visions of the Nile". The "gardening" priest is praised near the bottom of the page. From the website:
Her major influences for teaching and practicing Yoga began with her first teacher certification with Jan Hauenstein, CYT with Try for Life Yoga School. Her steadfast and by far the most enriching and education teaching experience has been with Yoga Fr. Rick Arko from Sacred Ground Yoga. Susan has been with Fr. for six years and feels "there's no better feeling when you finally find your teacher/Guru." Through Fr. Rick's introduction, Susan was led to the teachings of Yoga Amrit Desai which she is currently studying and practicing Yogi Desai's teaching for future certifications in Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Nidra program. "My intention for the future of Yoga is to bring these ancient and healing teaching to anyone who is interested in enjoying a healthier, happier life."
And who is this unemployed 24 year old who is living at the rectory who was also charged?
Pray, pray, and pray some more!

Archbishop O'Malley Sees Dual Threat in Today's Culture

If only more people would listen:
Truth and freedom are threatened in "our very hostile culture today".

The archbishop made this point in a speech he delivered to about 500 faithful at the Communion and Liberation national conference here Monday.
He told his audience that without truth, there can be no freedom, and without freedom, there can be no love.

"Perhaps the idolatry of freedom has led to the belief that we can choose our own truth because the truth as absolute is rejected as too confining, too demanding of the autonomous self," he said. "But the traditional Catholic approach is faith seeking understanding."
Full story here.

Fr Benedict Groeschel Update

The latest update is here.

Madison bishop backs La Crosse bishop on church law

Bishop Robert Morlino of the Madison Catholic Diocese said Thursday he is in "complete agreement" with La Crosse Bishop Raymond Burke's position on politicians who support abortion and euthanasia.

ADL & Mel Gibson's "The Passion"

The Anti-Defamation League has issued another press release on "The Passion". Same old stuff. Sounds like a 'complex' or something. Having not seen a screening, I must rely on other trustworthy individuals to give a balanced, objective review - which all seem to contradict the ADL....Hmmmm?

Thursday, January 22, 2004

A Cardinal who says what he thinks...

It does not seem that there are many Cardinals or Bishops who say things the way they see it.

"I am willing to write in my own blood that of all those who call themselves lesbian or gay, a maximum of five to 10 percent are effectively lesbian or gay," Cardinal Gustaaf Joos, 80, told the Belgian weekly P-Magazine.

"All the rest are just sexual perverts," Joos added.

"I demand you write that down," said Joos, who was made a cardinal by Pope John Paul late last year. "I don't care if they all come protesting at my door. I won't open the door."

Slavery and Abortion....A Comparison

This was sent to me a couple of days ago and as we pray today that the infamous abortion ruling be overturned sooner, rather than later, I will pass it on to you.

Spoken by someone already free, spoken by someone already born....

SLAVERY - Although he may have a heart and a brain, and he may be human life biologically, a slave is not a legal person. The Dred Scott decision by the U.S. Supreme Court has made that clear.
ABORTION - Although he may have a heart and a brain, and he may be a human life biologically, an unborn baby is not a legal person. The Roe v. Wade decision by the U.S. Supreme Court has made that clear.

SLAVERY - A black man only becomes a legal person when he is set free. Before that time, we should not concern ourselves about him. He has no legal rights.
ABORTION - A baby only becomes a legal person when he is born. Before that time, we should not concern ourselves about him. He has no legal rights.

SLAVERY - If you think slavery is wrong, then nobody is forcing you to be a slave-owner. But don't impose your morality on somebody else!
ABORTION - If you think abortion is wrong, then nobody is forcing you to have one. But don't impose your morality on somebody else!

SLAVERY - A man has a right to do what he wants with his own property.
ABORTION - A woman has a right to do what she wants with her own body.

SLAVERY - Isn't slavery really something merciful? After all, every black man has the right to be protected. Isn't it better never to be set free than to be sent unprepared, and ill-equipped, into a cruel world?
ABORTION - Isn't abortion really something merciful? After all, every baby has a right to be wanted. Isn't it better never to be born than to be sent alone and unloved into a cruel world?

1857 - Dred Scott decision
1973 - Roe v. Wade decision

EXCLUSIVE promo images for The Passion of the Christ

This link was just sent to me.

Have a look, great pictures.

I am eagerly awaiting the release of this epic film, "The Passion of the Christ"!

Russell Shaw to speak, April 27, St. Charles MO

The 2004 Dinner Banquet
The Serra Club of the St. Charles Deanery


Russell Shaw
Washington DC Correspondent for 'Our Sunday Visitor'
And co-author of the new book

"Personal Vocation: God Calls Everyone by Name"
as Guest Speaker
The Columns Banquet Center
711 Veterans Memorial Pkwy
St. Charles, MO.

April 27, 2004 at 6:30pm

Our newly installed archbishop, the Most Reverend Raymond L. Burke has also been invited to speak to the St. Charles Laity on Personal Vocations. State Deputy of the Missouri Knights of Columbus to be honored guest.

Reservations Required. $25 per person. Tables of 10 $250
Proceeds for the Vocation work of the St. Charles Serra Club
For more information, call 636-561-7003



EWTN brings you live and complete coverage of the most important pro-life event of the year. You'll be a part of it all, from interviews with participants from across the U.S. to panel discussions with pro-life speakers. Then follow the March for Life procession up Constitution Avenue and join the Rally for Life at the Washington Monument.

Airs January 22 at 11am ET (LIVE)
Airs January 22 at 10pm ET (ENCORE

Also see this: Four Cardinals, 40 Bishops, 300 Priests at Mass for March for Life

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

FutureChurch Backs Pilla on Scandal

For those unfamiliar with what's going on in Cleveland, some insist that news coming out of that diocese will be shocking and staggering as reported here. Far more than anything yet heard of.

And yet we have another article about Bishop Pilla called "The Bishop's Lawyer: A Test of Faith".

And in the confusion and apparent obfuscation in all of this we have FutureChurch coming to the aid of Bishop Pilla, primarily because it seems that they are fearful that if he happens to resign, the Diocese of Cleveland would be appointed a bishop not to their liking:
4. The last reason is admittedly self serving: Were Bishop Pilla to be forced out, we would be leaving ourselves open to a new bishop who would most likely be much more conservative and legalistic given the Bishop appointments that have been made in this papacy. The well-known litmus test for being appointed a bishop under John Paul II is that the person must be opposed to birth control, optional celibacy and women priests. I have this information directly from several bishops who are in positions to know. Bishop Pilla is one of the few remaining "pastoral" bishops who were appointed under Archbishop Jean Jadot. If he doesn't outlast the Pope we can expect to have our next Bishop be less open to lay participation in decision making than Bishop Pilla. It will be a given...and something we need to prepare for, IMHO. In any case, why rush things, I say?
This quote comes from Chris Schenk, Executive Director of FutureChurch. You can read all about it here.

For those who are unaware of this and other organizations, have a look here.

Monday, January 19, 2004

Lenten Retreat - March 5 & 6

Credo of the Catholic Laity is presenting:

A Lenten Mini Retreat

Friday March 5, and Saturday March 6, 2004
The Historic Holy Family Old Log Church
Illinois Rt. #3 at Camp Jackson Rd.
Cahokia Illinois

Credo has arranged to have Msgr. Michael Schmitz, the American Superior of The Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest to be our Retreat Master. Msgr Schmitz has given over eighty retreats to various groups over the years.. The Institute’s headquarters is located in Wausau Wisconsin in the Diocese of La Cross. This was the diocese of our new St. Louis Archbishop Raymond L. Burke.

Msgr Schmitz will be celebrating the Traditional Latin Mass with permission of Bishop Wilton Gregory Bishop of Belleville.

We expect to have a Latin High Mass on Saturday with the choir singing Gregorian Chant.

Cost will be $35.00 per person which includes lunch on Friday and Saturday.

Make checks payable to:
Credo of the Catholic Laity
C/O Howard Brandt, Treasurer
4386 Honeydew Lane
St. Louis Mo 63128

For more information,
Call (314) 894-0357


Coming from the north, Holy Family Church is approximately 3 ½ miles south of the Poplar Street Bridge off Illinois Rt. 3 at Camp Jackson Rd.

From the south cross over the Jefferson Barracks Bridge. Take Rt. 255 north to the Cahokia turn off.

This will put you on Illinois Rt. 3 Going north. The church will be about 2 ½ miles on your right.

Additional Information

The Retreat Master will be Msgr. Michael Schmitz American Superior of The Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest. The retreat will start with confession at 9:00 Am Friday March 5th with Mass at 9:30 a.m. And conclude each day at about 4:p.m. There will be other opportunities for confession during the retreat. The cost for the retreat including lunch both days is $35.00.

Here is more information on the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest taken from one of their fliers:
“The Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest is a society erected by the Catholic Church on September 1, 1990. Today it maintains Houses and Apostolates on several continents including North America. The goal of the Institute is the honor of God and the sanctification of priests in the service of the Church and souls through a spiritual formation in Roman Catholic Doctrine and piety. Its specific aim is missionary, to spread and defend the reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ in all realms of human life.”

This organization has its headquarters in Wausau, Wisconsin. This is in the diocese of La Cross under Bishop Raymond Leo Burke soon to be Archbishop of St. Louis. I understand that Msgr. Schmitz and the bishop are good friends. To see pictures of Bishop Burke consecrating the Institute’s St. Mary’s Oratory in Wausau click on then click on the Gate to Heaven Disc.


Day 1 Friday March 5, 2004
9:00 AM Confession
9:30 AM Latin Mass
10:45 AM Conference
11:30 AM Confession and Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
12:15 PM Stations of the Cross
12:30 Conference
1:15 PM Lunch
2:15 PM Conference
3:00 PM Litany of the Holy Name of Jesus
3:15 PM Rosary, Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, and Confession
3:45 PM Closing Remarks
4:00 PM Close

Day 2. Saturday March 6, 2004
9:30 AM Latin High Mass
10:45 AM Conference
11:30 AM Confession
12:00 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Information on The Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest
1:30 PM Litany of All Saints in Latin
2:30 PM Rosary, and Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
2:45 PM Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament
3:15 PM Final Conference
4:00 PM Close

Bishop Burke on EWTN

Friday evening, Bishop Burke was interviewed by Raymond Arroyo of the "The World Over" regarding his recent pastoral letter and 'Notification'.

It was a good show and will re-air this evening at 10:00pm CST, if you did not catch it.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

My Constituency Made Me Do It....

A response to 'Catholic' politicians and their supporters by Dr. Arthur Hippler, who is director of the diocesan Office of Justice and Peace for the Diocese of LaCrosse, Wisconsin.
If Catholic legislators cannot be excused from defending "segregation" because of their constituency, how then can be excused from defending the right to life, which is more fundamental than the right to education or voting or housing? John Paul II explains "It is impossible to further the common good without acknowledging and defending the right to life, upon which all other inalienable rights of individuals are founded and from which they develop" (EV, no.101). It is no less true now than it was during the time of segregation that the will of the majority cannot excuse injustice.
Latest on Bishop Burke from the Post-Dispatch:

No bishop has gone as far as Burke
This is a lame attempt to try to show that, since no other bishop has gone as far Bishop Burke in denying Holy Communion, maybe he is wrong? I must say, however, that the writer did hit many of the "Dirty Dozen" as chosen by the American Life League. The saddest part of this story is that it appears that no other bishop or cardinal (except, Bishop Bruskewitz & maybe a couple others) has the necessary equipment (that is, a complete set of spinal vertabrae) to do his canonical duty. Their inaction causes MORE SCANDAL than the actions of the politicians!

and this one:

Bishop Burke's actions could undermine trust in Catholic lawmakers
These are a few letters. Sadly mine did not make it, as far as I know. Maybe next time. Anyway, one can quickly pick up whether the understanding (or lack thereof) of the writer is based on reason or not...No more need be said.