Thursday, October 07, 2004

Both Bush and Kerry fall behind in Catholic support

Sen. John Kerry is having trouble wooing fellow Roman Catholics in Iowa and Wisconsin and President George W. Bush is short of his expected Catholic count in Michigan and Minnesota, polling shows.

Four years ago, Democrat Al Gore edged Bush among Catholics, 50-47, according to exit polls.
What could possibly explain this aberration?
Catholics who don't worship regularly tend to back Kerry, according to the AP-Ipsos poll.
Of course, this explains it. Baptised individuals who have objectively, abandoned the faith tend to back those who support the murder of the unborn. But let us be reminded that:
Kerry offers himself as a practicing and believing Catholic who nonetheless holds positions contrary to the church's on abortion rights and embryonic stem cell research.

Some Democrats have urged him to highlight those differences. Others simply want him to keep attending Sunday Mass. "If Kerry has a problem with Catholics, it's that too few Catholics know he's one of them," said Jim Jordan, his former campaign manager.
And those of us who are Catholic, pray for him that he might have his eyes opened to the truth and repent before it is too late.
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