Friday, October 08, 2004

Committee seeks voters' pro-life support

An organization called the Committee of Faithful Catholics has been formed in the archdiocese "to put candidates on notice and assist citizens to vote responsibly on election day."

The committee’s members include a number of St. Louis Catholics who publicly have pledged that they "will not knowingly vote for or support any candidate for public office who supports legalized abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, human cloning or homosexual marriage," said Linus Pottebaum, a committee member and parishioner at the St. Louis Cathedral Basilica Parish.

"We are pleased to invite thousands upon thousands of our fellow Catholics to sign our pledge," Pottebaum said. "We intend to publish a statement including all the names of the signers in the St. Louis Review before election day, Nov. 2," he added.

Pledge forms are being circulated throughout the archdiocese.
I received one of these forms at the Cathedral last weekend and later distibuted copies. I have been unable to located an online source for the forms which would make it easier to distribute. If noting can be found online, then I hope to be able to reproduce the form here by this weekend.

St. Louis Review Article

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