Sunday, October 03, 2004

Not on the radar: No one at Vatican asks about Bush, Kerry

Cindy Wooden, the author of this article by Catholic News service, writes that:
Cardinal Ratzinger's statement "has been misrepresented" by people on both sides -- those who think such politicians always should be publicly condemned and those who think bishops have no right to point out the sinfulness of supporting abortion...

"But I think the bishops feel they are at peace with what they are doing," Bishop Mulvee said. [Bishop Robert E. Mulvee is the bishop of Providence, R.I.]
It's certainly encouraging that many bishops are at peace with what they are doing or not doing. Despite the fact that some ignor explicit directives of the Church is not a reason to be concerned. Nor should one be concerned about the scandal that is given by those who are, objectively, in manifest, grave sin.

All of us (including bishops and priests)should reflect on the questions posed Friday by Archbishop Burke when he asked:
How will I answer our Lord when He asks me about my brothers and sisters who have grown weak under the burden of advanced years, grave illness or special needs, whose so-called "mercy killing" has been made legal in some places and is proposed to be made legal everywhere in our nation?

How will I answer our Lord when He asks me about what I, as bishop, have done to teach the inviolability of human life from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death?

CNS article here.

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