Monday, October 04, 2004

Is there a link here?

I accidently discovered a coincidence that I had not seen before as I was reviewing my post regarding Frank Flinn's article, "Balance on abortion has basis in history".

While doing some research, I came across another article which echoed much of what was in Mr. Flinn's article. The source of this other article is none other than the infamous anti-Catholic, pro-abortion group, "Catholics for a Free Choice".

The similarities were striking (FF=Frank Flinn, CFFC=Catholics for a Free Choice):
FF: Catholic teaching on abortion has never been unanimous.

CFFC: There has been no unanimous opinion [by the Church] on abortion at any time.
FF: There are early second-century documents,like the Didache...against abortion.

CFFC: One of the earliest church documents, the Didache , condemns abortion...
FF: ...none of the papal or Vatican teachings issue from the explicit infallible authority of the church.

CFFC: pope has proclaimed the prohibition of abortion an "infallible" teaching.
FF: St. Thomas Aquinas...subscribed to Aristotle's teaching...that the rational or specifically human faculty of the soul is infused not immediately at conception.

CFFC: St. Thomas Aquinas agreed [with Aristotle and St. Augustine], saying abortion was not homicide unless the fetus was "ensouled..."
There are more similarities between the two documents. Does it suggest similar beliefs and attitudes toward the Church?

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