Monday, October 04, 2004

Catholics react pro and con to letter by Burke

Catholic parishioners leaving church Sunday morning gave mixed reviews on Archbishop Raymond Burke's letter defining his tough stance against voting for political candidates who support abortion and same-sex marriage.
Of course, this was to be expected. Can we guess who may have been disappointed or upset with Archbishop Burke's letter?
Burke's earlier declarations that it is a sin to vote for candidates who support abortion rights had already upset several area Democratic officeholders. Those officeholders say that by taking his stance, Burke is backing solely Republican candidates, who generally support his views.
It upset area politicians because no one was supposed to call upon them to account for their support of abortion and other evils.

And the implication that the Arcbishop is backing Republicans because of his views is a lie. First, the Archbishop is giving the teaching of the Church, not his personal views. Second, if it seems as if the Archbishop is giving support to the Republican party, it may have everything to do with the Democratic party's abandonment of morality.
On North Grand Boulevard stands St. Alphonsus "Rock" Catholic Church. Six parishioners there on Sunday who were willing to talk about Burke's letter were split on whether to follow his wishes.

Barbara Harris, who has attended the Catholic church since she was 8, said it was none of Burke's business how she votes.

"He's out of line," she said. "He doesn't have the right to tell people who to vote for. That's each person's personal right and freedom."
It is the Archbishop's duty to teach - even obstinate people such as this whose pride blinds thems and keeps them in darkness. Some people have been in the darkness so long, that even the dimmest ray of light causes them severe pain. Thay have made themselves slaves to darkness.
Lifelong Catholic Kevin McKinney says he is torn over Burke's letter. He said that in some instances - such as pregnancies of rape victims and young teenagers - abortions should be acceptable.

"But the Catholic church doesn't believe in it," said McKinney, adding that Burke's remarks would have no effect on how he would vote.
The priest of the parish needs to have a talk with people like this who fail to grasp the consequences of what they are saying - Why should it be permissible to execute the innocent children who have been conceived in an act of violence? Although we must show compassion and help those who are victimized by rape or incest, we must not forsake the innocent child. The unborn child who is conceived by this act of violence is no less of a child merely because he or she came into existence by a deplorable act. It is inexcusable to assume that unborn children are deserving of the death penalty for crimes of their fathers.
Off-duty St. Louis police Lt. Luther Black was securing the parking lot at St. Alphonsus. A lifelong Catholic, Black said Burke's letter violated federal law and showed Burke was too controlling.

"Burke has come in like a storm trooper," Black said. "The Catholic Church should not be involved in politics because they are getting everything tax-free. I think it's up to the individual. His vote is his privilege in a free society."
The officer who professes to be Catholic has no understanding what it means to be Catholic. What a shameful spectacle this is!

I doubt that very many of those who are so opposed to the truth have read the Pastoral Letter. It is far more likely that many of them are picking up little morsels here and there, many of probably have very little to do with what Archbishop Burke stated. The truth is also a casuality of this spiritual battle.


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