Thursday, February 17, 2005

Cardinal Rigali Wishes for More Bishops who Speak Strongly on Abortion and Homosexuality

WASHINGTON, February 17, 2005 ( - Philadelphia Cardinal Justin Rigali spoke with a few weeks ago regarding the struggles of the Church in Canada and the United States with regard to abortion and homosexuality. The answer to these dilemmas says the Cardinal is in Pope John Paul II’s teaching on the theology of the body which is an honest look at the human body with spiritual insight.

When the truth of the body, as expounded in theology of the body, is not observed, said the Cardinal, “then we go into the darkness of abandoning God’s plan.”
As we clearly witness every day...
When asked by about the growing number of bishops, particularly in the United States, who have of late been more outspoken and very explicit on the issues, Cardinal Rigali commented, “God Bless them. That’s a great credit to them. May they continue and may there be more.”
And we should praise God daily for His great and generous gift of leaders who, in His Divine Providence, He has provided for us.


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