Monday, February 14, 2005

KMOX/Charlie Brennan Discussing Jamie Allman

I called KMOX this morning and was told that Charlie Brennan would be having his "discussion" of Jamie Allman around 9:20am this morning...This was a change from my previous post which listed Tuesday as the day.

Since KMOX has no internet feed, it is difficult if not impossible, for desk bound people at work or elsewhere to listen to it. I did make a quick trip to the car about 9:35 for a few minutes and picked up these tidbits of info:
Mr. Brennan, was apparently at the meeting at St. Stanislaus yesterday. He and some of the callers stated that:
There are many lawyers, bankers and others of high intellect who are perfectly capable of running a church. (My comments: Of course, that is not how the Church is governed, but, he seems to like talking, in this instance, of things of which he apears to have little or no knowledge. The Church permits and wants laymembers in a consultative role. Finance councils are required. People contribute in this way as well as other ways in the life of the Church.)

The Archbishop and St. Stanislaus need to compromise...(Tried many times and failed, obstinacy of the Board is not easily overcome).

The Archbishop spends too much time out of town and leaves others to handle the media. (Of course, no mention is made of the various responsibilites the Archbishop has, nor of the amount of work he does - let alone how little rest he gets.)

The Archbishop needs to go back to St Stanislaus and speak to the people, providing they do boo him...(or shout at him and call him names or spit on him, as some have reported???? Perhaps he will after they come to their senses, and seek to be united to the Church - .)
I hope others who were able to listen and/or call in will be able to provide commentary.

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