Thursday, February 17, 2005

Loyola Ignores Archbishop over V-Monologues

Loyola University students, whose plan to stage "The Vagina Monologues" last year was blocked by the school's interim president, staged the feminist play this week with his successor's blessing -- drawing a public rebuke of the Loyola administration from Archbishop Alfred Hughes.

In an e-mail to the university community Monday, the Rev. Kevin Wildes, Loyola president, acknowledged the controversy surrounding the popular 9-year-old work to be performed that night. Though he noted that its frank language might make some people uncomfortable and said the university was not endorsing everything in the play, he commended the work for raising important issues, "particularly about sexual violence toward women."

In a written statement Wednesday, Hughes said he thought it his duty as the chief teacher in the archdiocese to declare that the play is "contrary to sound Catholic teaching and does not advance the important questions about women, human sexuality, violence against women and the common good, which it proposes to address."
Many Catholic university leaders, in paraphrasing Genesis, seem to say, "We have become like gods, determining for ourselves what is good and what is evil...",


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