Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Latest "Letters" on Abp. Burke & St Stanislaus

The first letter is from an individual who seems to be unable to understand that the Church is an hierarchical institution and not a democracy, nor is there displayed an adequate understanding of the terms "scandal, unity, obstinate, disobedience, etc.".
Burke is a divider
It seems to me that the "member of the church (who) has knowingly, deliberately and publicly damaged seriously the unity of the Church" - to use the words of Archbishop Raymond Burke - is the archbishop himself in making his obstinate demands upon the once-peaceful parishioners of St. Stanislaus Kostka Church.

He certainly is not influencing people by winning minds and creating unity within the local church ranks. Instead, he is dividing a populace and sowing seeds of distrust and agitation.

He is not the shepherd of a group of nonthinking and nonfeeling sheep. Perhaps if there were more parishes that had control of their own finances and property, there wouldn't be the need to close churches and schools that for years have been important anchors for many city neighborhoods. Their independence would have allowed them to live within their means and adjust to their growing or shrinking local needs.

Centralized patriarchal control isn't the answer in a democratic society.

Noel Leicht
St. Louis
That last statement says it all...

The next letter proposes a suggestion which would demand a change of hearts - that of choosing Pope John Paul as role model to follow. I would go even further - choose our Lord, Jesus Christ, as a man to follow - He, who was obedient, even to death on a cross!

Also with regard to the imagined solidarity with and example of Lech Walesa, I understand that Walesa's very own former secretary, Eva Dyk, is a member of the New Polonia, a group that left St. Stanislaus and the Board in disgust.
Pope is an example
I am shocked that members of the St. Stan's community and board are comparing themselves to Lech Walesa fighting for the freedom of Poland. I propose that they turn to another Polish hero who fought communism.

Karol Wojtyla fought for Poland and the church. He fought to build churches in his archdiocese and for the freedom of his people. He is now Pope John Paul II, and Archbishop Raymond Burke is following his directions in dealing with the issues at what should be our local Polish Catholic parish. How ironic that those who defy him should see themselves as the good guys and the pope and the church as the bad guys.

John Schweitzer
St. Louis

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