Saturday, February 19, 2005

Is "Catholic New Times" Canada's Version of the National Catholic Reporter?

The "About CNT" web page states:
Now in its 27th year, Catholic New Times is Canada's award-winning social justice and faith journal. Our examination of Canadian and world issues is rooted in the spirit of Vatican II and the radical liberating message of the Gospel. We value our independence as it allows us to offer a unique perspective in the Canadian and world church.
However, I was struck by an editorial which states that they are unable to come to a consensus about same-sex "marriage". The editorial, titled "Homosexuality, church teaching and marriage" begins:
We write this editorial as the governing Liberal party tables same-sex legislation which would guarantee the rights of faith groups to refuse same-sex marriages. Unlike most other editorials, we are prepared to admit that we are unable to come to a consensus ourselves on this important issue. Our division here at CNT reflects the country and will become clearer in future editorials.

What unites us however is our concern over the church’s teaching on homosexuality. It seems to us out of touch with growing scientific evidence on the nature of homosexuality itself. Cumulative scientific evidence has added new truth to the natural presence of homosexuals as part of the human family probably since time immemorial, a reflection the extraordinary delightful divine diversity seen in other parts of creation. Now we see fellow humans created by God and sustained by God’s love. No more “queers,” deviants or perverts, just brothers and sisters made in the divine image. We are not against this orientation the Vatican tells us, even though it is “essentially disordered” (1986), but any expression of this love is intrinsically evil. “When they engage in homosexual activity they confirm within themselves a disordered sexual inclination which is essentially self-indulgent.” (emphasis added)
It is not the Church's teaching which is out of touch with reality - homosexual activity is, and always will be, intrinsically disordered, and as such, a grave sin in the objective realm.
In 1977, a report commissioned by the Catholic Theological Society of America basically stated this. The theologians said they “were presenting their work in the spirit of the Second Vatican Council to help “beleaguered teachers and pastors.” They affirmed homosexual acts as moral within a committed framework. They said: Homosexuals have the same rights to love, intimacy and relationships as heterosexuals ... the norms governing the morality of homosexual activity are those which govern all sexual activity and the norms governing sexual activity are those that govern all human sexual activity. Are homosexuals by reason of their condition, denied by God and nature the right enjoyed by heterosexuals to the intimate sexual expression of love?” The commission’s findings were widely received by mainline theologians while being criticized by Rome. Two years later John Paul ll became pope and moral theology came to a standstill.
The CTSA report was a denial of the truth. Moral theology lives on as a means to explain, in some way, the immutable truths which some refuse to accept.

After reviewing a few other pages of its website, I was unable to determine which was worse, NCR or CNT...Both are contaminated with poison. Both are unfit for Catholic consumption. Anyway, I answered my own question above...Nevertheless, perhaps, one of the Canadian members of St. Blog's Parish could comment?


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