Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Charles Schumer Displays His Hatred for the Pro-Life Cause

There are many people whose actions I find so abhorrent and so disgustingly repulsive because they walk hand-in-hand with Satan himself, and do his bidding with such pleasure and glee. Charles Schumer is one of those people. I must admit that I do find it extremely difficult, at times, to pray for them. I understand completely that it is only by God's grace, that these hardened hearts will be converted. And it is by His grace that my hardened heart will also be converted. May He grant me the graces necessary to increase my charity for these people so that I may pray for their conversions. May God protect me from my lapses in charity when dealing with people. May the Lord permit me to conform my will to His will.
A controversial amendment to federal bankruptcy legislation that would have punished pro-life protesters was defeated handily in the U.S. Senate today.

The measure, courtesy of Sen. Charles Schumer, marked the second time in the past two sessions of Congress that the liberal Democrat failed in his efforts to use an important bankruptcy bill to make an example of those who oppose abortion.

Schumer called his proposed changes to S.256 "what America is all about." What those changes would have done is prohibited bankruptcy in the case of "violent abortion protestors"; the definition of violent, however, was missing and no other "violent" protestors are mentioned.

The final vote was 53-46.
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