Friday, March 11, 2005

"Confirmed" Rather than Suppressed

In recent bulletin articles from a parish which was allowed to stay open, the pastor writes:
Barring any shocks, it should say that [we] begin a new phase of church as a personal parish with a distinct vision of proclaiming the GOSPEL OF SOCIAL JUSTICE. That is an affirmation and confirmation that is clearly the work of the Holy Spirit and exceeds any reasonable dreams or expectations that we might have had. We are inviting you to an APPRECIATION DINNER.
A new phase of "church" quaint and uplifting...And yes, it may seem like the Holy Spirit is confirming this parish in its dissent.

And from last week's bulletin, we see:
In my further thinking about our parish being a personal parish (without boundaries) focused on Social Justice. I think that we must take the arch-diocese at their word. Let us think big and then make the appropriate plans. The “powers that be” had the perfect opportunity to “suppress” us, but rather they confirmed us. It is now our time to get to work. To paraphrase an old saying, “SOCIAL JUSTICE DELAYED IS SOCIAL JUSTICE DENIED". There is another adage concerning social activism, THINK GLOBALLY AND ACT LOCALLY. [emphasis added]
This comes from a parish which is listed on various "gay/lesbian" sites as a "gay friendly" parish - one of 5 in the Archdiocese which apparently confirms people in their sins. A group called "Holy Families" was formed at this parish which rejects the teaching of the Church with regard to homosexual activity and does what it can to validate the homosexual lifestyle.

In the recent past, the parish also touted its "inclusive language" prayers and readings used at Mass. This included nearly ALL of the prayers used at Mass. At one time, if memory serves, a special group was formed to modify the texts before each Sunday's Mass.

The liturgy committee of this parish had also posted bread recipes for their bread bakers "ministry". Any bread made from those recipes would have most likely resulted in an invalid Eucharist. At the very least, it would have been gravely illicit to have used any such bread in the celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

This parish also proudly discussed its use of "Lay Preachers" to give homilies at Sunday Mass. The schedules of the "lay homilists" were posted at one time even posted on the web.

I may very well be wrong, but it seems more than presumptuous that the pastor would consider that the Archdiocese is confirming them and their work.

How is it possible - for those who are so opposed to the Church, to the immutable doctrines of the Church, and who reject the authority of the Church to regulate the liturgy and other matters - to engage in authentic social justice activities? How is it possible for one to truly and authentically love his fellow man if his attitude toward the Church and ultimately to Christ, is so seriously defective?

I had asked a priest a few months ago about this parish and its possible suppression. He mentioned to me that, perhaps, in the short term, it might be best to keep this group "together" by not closing the parish in order that the dissent and hostility to the Church might be confined and limited in scope. This way, other parishes might be spared the obstacles and difficulties of having to deal with the many who would be seeking other parishes to infect.

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